Bigger Bread: the online home of Andrew Chaikin
CSU Hayward needed to create an online course catalog, one that would be as tightly integrated as possible into the production of their existing paperbound version, which is over 500 pages long and is subject to continuous change throughout the semester.
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Using Visual Basic for Applications, Bigger Bread created a custom e-publishing system centered around Microsoft Word. The system allows the Catalog Supervisor to create and edit the catalog in Word, formatting the text with a simple but sophisticated custom style sheet. With the touch of a button, she can then export the catalog to Pagemaker to produce the printed version, or automatically publish it to the Web server in the form of pre-designed HTML pages.
For the site itself, we created an uncluttered, information-rich design that could be realistically used by a Web novice with a 2.0-level browser and a 14.4K modem.
ePublish is still in use 4 years later, and has been eyed enviously by colleges and universities nationwide. Every few months we receive unsolicited email raves from CSUH's IT staff. 

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