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Dave Pell's Arba Group, a noted seed investment group (Bigstep, WiredPlanet, Phoenix Pop, Ofoto, Productopia, Davenetics, etc.), wanted to turn their C2C entertainment idea into a viable business plan.
Garagiola clip
We fleshed out the business proposition to include both an ASP model (online entertainment as viral marketing / audience retention tool) and a B2C offering (online entertainment as permission-marketing engine, including targeted 'webmercials' based on incentivized opt-in demographic and behavioral data).
Managing the work of two outside consultants, we created a 30-page plan, including product propositions, partnering strategies, competitive landscapes, revenue and expense projections, and implementation milestones. We delivered presentations to potential clients in San Francisco and Los Angeles, securing interest from three Media Metrix Top 50 companies.
And, perhaps most importantly, we provided the cool stealth name: The Garagiola Project. 

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