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We designed and implemented a powerful, user-friendly suite of client-server Web applications for the Wells Fargo Wills Database project -- a massive conversion of wills and trust data from mainframes to a WinNT SQL Server with a Web front end.
The application suite had to deliver data entry, query and report functionality to a user base spanning 12 states. It had to run on 3.0-level browsers over Wells' internal network, which (at that time) was notoriously slow. An average HTML page took 45-60 seconds to load, not including graphics. Simple Java applets would bring the system to a halt.
Wills clip
We developed the entire application suite in Javascript and ASP, cramming the browser with functionality while keeping file sizes, graphics and server calls to a strict minimum. Based on field research with members of the user base, we created a pleasing, user-centric front-end design consistent with Wells' corporate identity.
To our knowledge, the Wills Database project was one of the most ambitious Javascript applications ever to be successfully deployed on the 3.0 browser platform. 

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