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June 30, 2002
Back from Jazz Camp. Wow. What an intense, wonderful week -- much more than I bargained for in all sorts of ways. Suffice it to say I learned a lot from my students. (You know who you are.)
June 20, 2002
I'm going into the woods for a week, starting this Saturday. I'm on the faculty at Jazz Camp West down in La Honda, where I'll be teaching two vocal percussion classes (and a class I call "Extreme A Cappella").
Other faculty members of note include bassist Marcus Shelby, percussionist John Santos, body percussionist Keith Terry, and amazing vocalists Ledisi, Madeline Eastman, and Joey Blake.
I'll be pretty much off the grid for the week, so I'll talk to you in July!
June 3, 2002
You can hear me this week on the nationally syndicated NPR show Echoes, which showcases ambient music. (A bit of a departure for me, I know.)
I'm backing up guitar wizard Danny Heines, who uses the two-handed tapping techniques pioneered by Stanley Jordan and Michael Hedges. (He's also an accomplished throat singer.)
Echoes recorded a live concert in Danny's living room, featuring vocalists Artemis Robison and Irina Mikhailova (Lumin, Kitka, etc.), bass god Michael Manring (Michael Hedges), and me on vocal percussion.
In San Francisco, the show will air on KALW 91.7 this Tuesday, June 4, at 9pm. In different cities, the day and time will vary; check here for Echoes in your city.
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