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September 19, 2002
I just finished training to be a literacy tutor through Project Read, the adult literacy program of the SF Public Library.
The Library estimates that 80,000 San Francisco adults -- one in every five -- have some difficulty with basic reading and writing. Project Read provides free one-to-one tutoring, workshops, and ongoing instructional support to thousands of these adults.
The next round of tutor training classes starts soon, so call right now -- (415) 557-4388 -- to sign up.
If you don't live in San Francisco, you can find other programs all over the Bay Area.
And of course, your donations -- either through individual contributions, United Way drives, or your business donating its services -- are vital to the program's survival.
Who's with me?
September 8, 2002
So yesterday the phone rings. I let the machine get it.
"Hi Andrew, my name is Dominick -- I'm the producer of the Jenny Jones Show. We found your site and listened to you beatboxing, and we want you to be on the show --"
I pick up the phone.
So they're going to fly me to Chicago next month, and the taping will be a few weeks after that. Evidently the episode is People With Weird Talents, a la 30 Seconds To Fame. (Or maybe when I walk onto the set, there'll be four irate women claiming I fathered their children.)
Jenny Jones. Hmm. I don't exactly know what the universe is trying to tell me, but it sure ain't taking no for an answer.
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