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May 28, 2003
I just returned from Tino Corp's worldwide headquarters (a warehouse in the Mission), where I beatboxed for 3 hours in front of nine video cameras placed at various positions around my head.
Now Tino Corp can chop me up live on stage, along with a DJ'ing, conga-playing, Afro-Cuban GI Joe doll. See the info about the 111 Minna show.
May 5, 2003
I'm back from the New Orleans Jazz Fest, which was of course amazing. Got to see lots of great music: Los Lobos, Ben Harper, the Funky Meters, Blackalicious, some amazing gospel and Dixieland, and on and on...
But the true highlight of the trip: I got to beatbox with Michael Franti and Spearhead again -- courtesy of their beatboxer, RadioActive. Me and Radio did about 5 minutes of back-and-forth cutting and scratching and generally ripping it up. The audience went nuts.
Michael and Radio and everyone I met who was even remotely connected to Spearhead were all such wonderful, open-hearted human beings. If you haven't seen them in concert, you must. It's a booty-shaking, heart-opening, consciousness-raising, community-building experience.
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