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August 2003
August 27, 2003
I'm off to Burning Man today. I'm camping at Heavenly Lounge at the Village Aetheria (formerly Podville), at 2:30 and Esplanade. Stop by, won't you?
August 25, 2003
For those of you who have tried to get in touch with me, my apologies for being so uncommunicative. Last week I had two of my wisdom teeth pulled out, which left me laid up and somewhat swollen (doing a 45-minute set of beatboxing two days after my operation didn't help).
I highly recommend my dentist, the knowledgeable and friendly Jack Sherman. (Word has it he's Robin Williams' dentist too.) He even called to check up on me the next day. He's also an a cappella fan, having attended a few Harmony Sweepstakes, and owns some of my recordings.
Unfortunately, this led him to believe that playing Naked Noise on his office's speaker system during my operation was a good idea. For some reason, the thought of listening to my 24-year-old self sing "Palm Sunday" while someone forcibly, primitively wrenched two of my teeth from my gums gave me the creeps. I politely requested Getz and Gilberto instead.
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