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March 17, 2004
Tim Barsky's The Bright River got some nice reviews from the Bay Guardian and SF Weekly this week. From the Guardian:
A committed piece of underground theater that refashions the Jewish storytelling tradition in a fusion of hip-hop, jazz-inflected improvisation, and slam-style lyricism... Musicians Jessica Ivry, Shree Shyam, and the phenomenal human beatbox Andrew Chaikin join Barsky in creating a cool and hypnotic bed of sound over which Barsky's inspired phrasing flows brightly like the river separating this life from the next.
From SF Weekly (click here for full review):
Tim Barsky keeps pushing the limits of what he can accomplish onstage as a hip-hop flutist... Barsky belongs to a class by himself. He's not just a musician but a storyteller, who weaves myth-based political tales around original music. Fans of Joseph Campbell shouldn't miss him.
Barsky tells the story in phases, with generous interruptions of music by Jess Ivry (on cello), Shree Shyam (bass, marimba, electronic effects), and the incredible Andrew Chaikin, who can beat-box like a machine and work in vivid vocal sound effects, too (gunfire, bombs, flapping birds).
The run has been extended one more weekend, so come check it out.
March 10, 2004
This week's East Bay Express has a nice big review of Tim Barsky's The Bright River, the theater piece I'm a part of over in Berkeley. To wit:
It may be flippant to say that if you've seen one transcendental journey into kabbalistic beatbox noir you've seen them all, but it's also very likely accurate. After all, how many can there be? But if The Bright River is any indication, the more the merrier.
And there's a nice little mention of my work as well:
Beatboxer Chaikin, who also goes by the handle Kid Beyond, is just amazing. To capture a Conference of the Birds, he evokes the echo of flapping wings, thundering footsteps, kazoo-like chatter, and the squawk of a scratched record in an increasingly frenzied tour de force of solo beatboxing.
Come check out the show. You won't be disappointed.
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