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June 24, 2004
As many of you know, in February I produced a benefit concert called LoveFest, where we raised money to house a homeless single mom and her daughter for a year, through a great organization called 1-by-1. Here's an update on the families:
"Tisha" and her daughter "Desiree," who were couch-surfing with friends and family, are now living in a lovely apartment near Lake Merritt. Desiree is now 4 and is in day care. Tisha is working part-time in customer service for an established company; 1-by-1 is setting up a (donated) computer for her so she can job-hunt from home.
We actually raised enough money for 1-by-1 to take on a fourth family, who they have just housed. "Jill" is a 28-year-old single mom to her 10-year-old son "Steven." Jill has been steadily employed for 7 years, during which time they were in public housing in Potrero Hill. She lost that housing in May 2003. (There was a shooting in the neighborhood; they went to stay with a friend; during that time she got behind on the rent and was unable to regain her eligibility.)
Jill and Steven went into a 6-month shelter. Their time there was going to expire this month, after which they would have gone into an emergency shelter (basically, a bed for the night and no more). Fortunately, 1-by-1 found her a 2-bedroom apartment in Hayward. Jill is paying 70% of the rent. 1-by-1 is paying the other 30% -- money that came directly from your LoveFest tickets.
Jill is happy to be raising Steven away from all the gang activity they faced daily in SF public housing. Your support made that happen.
Want to do more for 1-by-1? Here's how:
Donate money. The more money 1-by-1 gets, the more families they can take on. 1-by-1 has no overhead; 100% of the money goes to housing the families. It's tax-deductible. Donate online or by mail.
Donate a computer. They want to set Jill up with a machine. Have an old one lying around? They'll refurbish it. It's tax-deductible. Less clutter & more karma for you.
Family outreach volunteers. Folks to be the point-person with a family. You will be trained. Call Lynn at 617-6215.
Volunteer fundraisers. Have experience raising money? Call Lynn at 617-6215.
I'm thinking about LoveFest 2. Maybe we move to a bigger venue, or maybe we book the Noe Valley Ministry for two nights running (Feb 11 & 12?). Either way, we're going to raise lots more money. Want to be involved in planning? Let me know.
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