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July 13, 2004
I just returned from the National Puzzlers League convention in Boston, a wacky convocation of hardcore word-game and puzzle geeks like me.
My room was on the 15th floor of the Cambridge Marriott. On Thursday, as I looked down into the courtyard 15 floors below, I saw -- of course -- a huge 4x4 grid. "We've got to do something with this," I thought.
I corralled some of my fellow puzzlers -- Trazom, G Natural, and Xemu. We batted around a bunch of ideas over Chinese food. Eventually we decided to stage the world's largest game of Boggle.
24 hours later, SCHROGGLE -- Supersized Carbon-based Hotel-specific Round-robin Boggle -- made its debut. Our game attracted many curious passersby, one of whom was nice enough to blog the whole thing, including lots of photos. Check it out!
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