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December 20, 2004
The reviews are in for Tim Barsky's The Bright River, and they're unanimous: it's a must-see.
The Chronicle's little man was clapping happily in his chair:
A transfixing amalgam of Jewish, Greek and other folklore, film noir narrative, adventures in mass transit, and riveting, beatbox-driven rhythms... invigoratingly original in approach and passionate in its assessment of the human condition. The music of the Everyday Ensemble is unceasingly compelling, driven by Chaikin's endlessly innovative vocal percussion and magnetic intonations.
The Examiner raves:
An amazing mish-mash of genres and styles blend together in ways that up until now seemed unimaginable, producing a surrealism-meets-street edge that is enormously entertaining and unbelievably creative.
The Bay Guardian says:
Crossing over from hip underground performance to full-fledged theatrical event, Barsky and company infuse the show with more than enough urgency and imagination to make it worth the ride.
J. Weekly gushes:
A captivating and intimate story... Half the time you’re engrossed in the remarkable story laid out before you; the rest of the time you are utterly transfixed by the virtuosic beatboxing of Barsky and Kid Beyond.
Other reviews coming soon.
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