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July 18, 2005
What's cooking in the recent past, present and future:
  • Just completed a huge, many-month voiceover job, as the main male voice for The Sims 2 for Xbox, PS2 and GameCube, scheduled to be released this fall.
  • I'm playing the Fillmore for the first time! Come represent.
  • I was in LA working with producer-artist-remixer-DJ-allaround-cool-dude BT, doing a track (for his next album) which will be composed entirely of Kid Beyond speaking, singing, beatboxing, and so on -- all chopped up in the fiendish mind and fiendish machines of BT.
  • In August I'm heading down to LA again to start recording my first solo CD, with producer Gabriel Mann.
So, you could say I've been busy.
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